Cosmetic Tissues Delicate Care

Thanks to its healing effects, the shea butter is a part of a new series of cosmetic issues – Harmony Delicate Care. The uniqueness of Delicate care cosmetic tissues is based in its content of balsam enriched with shea butter extracts. Delicate and gentle composition of natural eucalyptus fibers in combination with balsam provides a consumer calmative care.

Shea butter is a natural product extracted from nuts of the African shea tree, known as a tree of life. Shea butter is a fat of ivory or yellow colour. In addition to fatty acids, shea butter also contains  A, E vitamins and phenols with antioxidation effects.

Shea butter is known all over the world. It is mainly used in cosmetics, as a separate product or as a part of cosmetic products. At the time of current ecological trend, it is considered to be a cure-all originated from the ancient African tribes.

It is suitable for the skin of the whole body, primarily for dry and sensitive skin. It contains ingredients with a unique ability to revitalize, protect, hydrate and heal damaged skin. It immediately moderates irritated skin and prevents redness.

Uniqueness of a product is based on a special surface treatment of a box, which is soft and velvety to touch. Packaging design is a result of an author´s photo created especially for Harmony. Colors of packaging are designed so they would correspond with the interior.

“Try a new softness of cosmetic tissues Harmony Delicate care.”

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