Are you familiar with the dining etiquette? Learn how to set your table correctly during the festive evenings.

Festive dinner, wedding or another special occasion? Thanks to Harmony Professional, you will know for sure how to set the table and create a pleasant atmosphere in your premises. Let’s take a look at how a perfectly set table should look like, obviously, with the help of the Harmony Professional paper napkins.

  1. Napkin (must-have)
  2. Salad fork
  3. Fish fork
  4. Main course fork
  5. Service plate (not used for the food serving itself) or also a main course plate
  6. Salad plate
  7. Soup bowl
  8. Main course knife
  9. Fish knife
  10. Tea spoon
  11. Soup spoon
  12. Salad knife
  13. Pastry and butter plate
  14. Butter knife
  15. Dessert knife
  16. Dessert spoon
  17. Cake fork
  18. Water glass
  19. Red wine glass
  20. White wine glass
  21. Saucer
  22. Tea/coffee cup
  23. Nameplate
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