Folded toilet paper saves the space and money

Toilet paper is an essential part of our everyday life. The folded toilet paper is the least used toilet paper in the Slovak and Czech Republic. But why is that? Is it about the habit or tradition of using toilet rolls? Thanks to the folded toilet paper, you can save not only space but also money in your facilities. In the Harmony Professional portfolio, you can find various types of folded toilet paper. The main benefits of this product include:

  • Efficiency and better hygiene in relation to the folded paper dispenser – issue of single pieces touched by the current user only;
  • Compared to the rolled toilet paper, the folded one has a consumption lower by 40 %;
  • Folded toilet paper may be refilled continuously, thereby it is not necessary to wait until it runs out completely;
  • It is less common to steal the folded toilet paper compared to the regular toilet rolls;
  • The folded toilet paper saves space, which also means reduced cost of transport and storage space, saving our environment.
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