Living with pets. How to keep clean?

There are many studies that confirm that living with a pet is beneficial to both our immunity and our soul. However, coexistence with a hairy or feathered “doctor” also requires increased maintenance – you do not clean only after people but also after your pets. With the many inconveniences that pets are responsible for, you will appreciate the ingenious invention of kitchen towels.

It´s easy to get used to the always handy roll of kitchen towels. However, kitchen towels will find their use outside the kitchen, too. Especially when cleaning. After all, surveys show that less than a third of them gets used for contact with food. The rest is used for cleaning and wiping in other parts of the house. With the help of paper wipes, you can also solve various inconveniences that your pets come up with – unless, of course, even the kitchen towels have been the victim of your pet´s roguishness 🙂

Did you know that…
Apparently, paper towels were created by accident at the beginning of the last century, by mistake, from badly cut toilet paper rolls. Their mass production began later in the early 1930s in America. In Europe they boomed much later, only in the second half of the 1990s.

Welcome, little puppy

If you brought home a puppy, kitchen towels will be your big help especially during the first weeks, to wipe the little puddles until you teach them to do the number one outdoors. Every dog keeper has encountered at least once in a lifetime an inconvenience such as a dog vomiting. In addition to digestive tract diseases, it can be caused by cold water, heavy or cold food, dietary changes or stress. Also, in this case it is easier and most hygienic to use paper towels for cleaning. A wet wipe can also be used to collect dog hair from the floor when you don’t have a vacuum cleaner at hand.

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Versatile kitchen wipes

Do you have a guinea pig, a bunny or birds at home? In addition to regular litter replacement, you must wash the cage from time to time. Use a brush and hot water or a high-pressure cleaner. The plastic tray, which is part of the cage, is most comfortable to wash in a bathtub and to wipe dry with paper kitchen towel. Water with detergent has proven most effective for cleaning trays. Leave them to drip, or dry them with a cloth so that you can immediately put food into it.

Paw prints or nose smudges of your four-legged pet are not uncommon at home with pets. You know it – a cat sitting on a window sill signals you with paws on the glass that it wants to go out, or tries to catch birds behind the window; a dog puts a wet snout on the balcony door every time it sees another dog outside. You can get rid of such smudges on the glass with window cleaners. You can use paper towels to polish the glass, leaving no hairs on it.

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How to keep your house clean with a hairy pet?

  • If you have a hairy pet at home, invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner and get used to the daily vacuuming routine.
  • To remove hairs from a carpet and couch, use a lint roller with a sticky surface or an ordinary rubber glove.
  • Regularly comb your dog or cat. Cats will make it easier for you because they are known to care for their hair – they spend up to a third of their time cleaning it.
  • After every outdoor walk, do not forget a thorough hygiene of the animal. Always have a towel ready for the muddy paws in the hallway.
  • Use a steam cleaner to wash floors. When cleaning with steam, you avoid using chemical cleaning detergents, so the animals do not come into contact with them.

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Title image: Matthew Henry, Unsplash

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