Tips for using kitchen wipes

They are a priceless helper and you always have them in your kitchen. Every housewife will tell you that paper kitchen wipes are mainly used as a first aid for spilled fluids or smaller impurities. However, we found out what other possibilities of use they are hiding.

There is no household in which kitchen wipes would not be found. Whether cloth or paper for just a single use. Any housewife would rattle off several ways to use them. However, the question is whether these textiles are really suited for everything. Well, it’s more than questionable.

Cloth wipes – heaven for bacteria?

Maybe it is enough to say just one word to get your attention. Bacteria.

In order to avoid them, you should have separate cloth wipe for each activity. One for drying hands, the other for wiping dishes, the third for removing crumbs off the table, the fourth … And so on, and so on. Let’s be honest, can we keep an eye on all of that? If there is only you in the household, then certainly yes. However, we know from our own experience that some members of the family are simply not obedient enough. Not to mention the continuous washing and ironing of such wipes.

Did you know that used kitchen and paper wipes can be thrown away into the compost? According to Zero Waste Slovakia, they cannot be recycled as paper, but they are suitable for the composting process. And the same goes for the rolls that remain after.

Best friend in the kitchen

Paper wipes are therefore a more practical choice than their cloth siblings. But we have not yet mentioned their biggest plus – their versatility. In addition to the kitchen, they can be used when washing and polishing windows, cars, bathrooms, gardens, or for pet accidents. But when we take a closer look at the kitchen, their usefulness is even greater. Be the judge!

Less fat

Fried schnitzel, potato pancakes, forcemeat, fries, … Do you know what is the one thing these „fatty“ meals have in common? You guessed correctly. They are made in oil. Even though you like to eat them, the grease does not have to be dripping off them. Kitchen wipes will prove to be a great helper with this. Such fried food can be put on paper wipes and they will take care of the excess fat.

Always fresh vegetables

No one is pleased when after buying fresh salad it goes bad the next day. Also, half-eaten vegetables and fruit stored in the refrigerator slowly lose their vitamins. Even here you can rely on kitchen wipes. Moisten them gently, wrap the vegetables and fruits into them, put them in a bag and store in the refrigerator. They will keep their freshness for much longer. The same applies to herbs!

Moisture absorber

When speaking of herbs, you can use paper wipes to quickly dry them and add them to a salad. The same goes for drying washed meat, vegetables, and they even suck out excess water from pasta that you just made and want to mix with a sauce.

First aid for moms

Whoever has the honor to be wearing this title, have already experienced their children in the kitchen. We are talking about feeding. Whether you are starting with first mashed meals, or your kid takes the “first steps” in its independence, it rarely goes without a dirty stool, floor, you or your baby. Kitchen wipes are made for all this dirt, you can even use them as a bib if you do not have them with you at the moment.

Protect your pans and dishes

Some pan surfaces are extremely sensitive to scratching, especially those which you must use wooden spoons with. If you are used to storing them after cleaning by putting them on top of each other, put one sheet of paper wipe between them. You will not ruin their functionality and extend their lifespan. The same applies to storing of porcelain, ceramics and glass, which you take out only for special occasions. You can also wrap the cutlery that you plan to use in them, for example, for a picnic in nature.

“Disobedient” cutting board

I am sure you sometimes get mad when your cutting board runs away from under your hands. Much more if you cut your finger because of it. Try to put a damp paper wipe under it to prevent it from moving around the table. And you save on patches too…

Filter a little different

You get up in the morning, your eyes still half closed, your feet automatically lead you to your favorite morning fuel – coffee. But wait! You forgot to buy a filter! Again, nothing that the kitchen paper wipe wouldn´t solve. And it can be your first aid even when you tear a tea bag in your cup and you need to drink your warm drink without any tea leaves.

… and we could keep going. Finally, we can give you the last advice – do not leave your kitchen wipe holder empty for long. You never know when you will need these little helpers. And not just in the kitchen.

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