Herbs – tasty and useful decoration

Herbs in the kitchen are both tasty and useful decoration. After all, what better way to get fresh chives or basil? Let’s see which ones should not be missing on your windowsill.

For beginners

Even the biggest amateur can grow cress. This annual herb grows fast, you can sprinkle your butter with it a week after sowing it. The cress is also suitable for spreads, for seasoning your omelette or mashed potatoes and is full of healthy vitamins – vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

For Mediterranean cuisine lovers

Fresh basil leaves are an essential part of pasta and vegetable salad sauces. Always serve it only with already cooked meals. You should definitely put the basil pot on a windowsill, because it keeps flies away.

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For the forgetful ones

If you ever forget to water your flowers, mint is the ideal herb for you. It can survive even in inhospitable conditions. Its leaves can be used in both drinks and meals. Try adding it to your salad or meat. In addition, you can also make a mouthwash from it.

For those who often make Chinese food

Chives are, thanks to its intense aroma, used to flavor Chinese sauces, perhaps because of this, it has gotten the attribute – Chinese chives. In addition, this herb is ideal for bread. It supplies the body with both vitamin C and B2. Make sure to water it regularly – it dries quickly and likes standing water.

Source: Unsplash/Katka Pavlickova

For nose-sensitive cooks

Because thyme is one of the most distinctive herbs, it is designed for nose-sensitive chefs. It should be added to the meal at the beginning of the cooking to fully develop its spicy taste and aroma. It goes well with soups, sauces, fish, game and poultry. It is good for inflammation of the digestive system.

For romantic souls

Rosemary was a symbol of love in ancient times. Even in our lands, giving it as a gift once meant expressing a desire for a loved one. Its appearance (and smell) reminds of a small conifer. Use it to prepare fish or lamb. It supports blood flow and helps with hair loss.

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For those who sleep badly

It has a lemon aroma and many beneficial effects. We are talking about lemon balm which is used to treat insomnia, but also depression and headaches. Those who dont want to make tea from it can use it to flavor desserts, cold drinks, but also salads, sauces and jams. As it has a deep root system, grow it in a tall pot.

For regular meat eaters

Oregano is a perennial plant that you can grow in a pot in a sunny place. It is perfect for flavoring meat dishes and goulashes, but you can also use it for making homemade pizza and tomato-based sauces. If you want to dry it, cut it in the morning when it secretes essential oils.

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Our tip

In addition to being a great ingredient in cooking, herbs in the kitchen are also a nice decoration. Not only live, in a pot, but also dried, neatly hung on a string and waiting for their moment. And if that’s not enough, you can enrich your home-grown green jungle with herbal and flower motifs. For example, you can decorate your pots with a decoupage technique and you can match the selected motif on a paper napkin with an herb inside the pot. This way you know what kind of herb has sprouted in the pot. Country-style kitchen owners will enjoy the romantic designs of herbs and perennials on napkins. Live herbs and patterned napkins also add a new dimension to the festive table.

Title image: Pexels/Suzy Hazelwood

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